When you browse the Web, you probably notice (consciously or not) that some websites look “older” than others. But have you noticed that popular websites are looking different today than they did even 2 or 3 years ago? That’s because a new generation of Web design techniques has evolved in order to address the explosion in devices and screens now facing the Internet, as well as changes in the Web browsing software people use.

Since the Web became popular in the mid-1990s there have been profound advancements in technology used to publish and consume Internet content. Just as important, there has been a shift in website owners’ expectations regarding their ability to create, manage and control their Web presence. Business owners demand that their websites include advanced features and functions which would have been very expensive a decade ago but have become commonplace now. All of this adds up to create the modern state of affairs in Web design.

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Line49 Design provides Web services offerings which feature the latest generation of visual and technical design concepts. Many of these techniques discussed below evolved in order to address an explosion in the variety of device screens now facing the Internet, and they leverage the capabilities of modern Web browsing software.

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Not that long ago, I sent my clients a note outlining some of the things Line49 is focussing on in 2013. Since you’re here at our website, let me tell you a bit more about what we’ve been working on. As a matter of fact, this very website, and the way it works, is a demonstration of what’s new around our group. I’ll go into details in subsequent articles; for now, here is a summary: Continue reading